10 Days Australia Honeymoon Package


9 Nights 10 Days Australia Honeymoon Package

Australia is a preferred honeymoon destination due to its magnificent landscapes and white sand beaches. The newlyweds can choose from loads of honeymoon destinations within Australia.

The continent impresses with its warm hospitality and luxury around the corner. 10 Days Australia Honeymoon Package offers a fairy tale vacation for the lovebirds. Every day will be filled with romantic bliss when you are in Australia.

Favorite states in Australia must be covered in the itinerary. The Best Australia Honeymoon Destinations on a 10-day trip includes:

  • Sydney – 3 days
  • Cairns – 2 days
  • Melbourne  – 3 days
  • Alice Springs – 2 days



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Day 1 : Sydney City Tour
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Sydney City Tour

Sydney doesn’t need any introduction as it is a vibrant, multicultural city. Sydney tower eye, Sydney opera house, Circular Quay, and the Harbour Bridge are a must-visit on the first day. The best way to end a long tiring day on Sydney Harbour is on a sunset cruise.

Sydney tower Sydney opera house Circular Quay
Day 2 : Sydney - Love for Nature
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Sydney - Love for Nature

The second day at Sydney can be spent by going to the Royal Botanic gardens that have a stunning collection of native plants of Australia. Other Sydney attractions are Madame Tussauds and Sealife aquarium.

Madame Tussauds Sealife aquarium
Day 3 : The Charm of the Blue Mountains
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The Charm of the Blue Mountains

An enriching Blue Mountains trip that is the beautiful and scenic landscape is loved by honeymooners. It is located at a one hour distance in the west direction of Sydney. It is a must in a 10 Days Australia Honeymoon itinerary.

Blue Mountains trip
Day 4 : The Great Barrier Reef – Treasure inside the ocean
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The Great Barrier Reef – Treasure inside the ocean

Situated in Cairns, it is thrilling and wonderful to visit the Great Barrier Reef with the love of your life. Honeymoon can’t be complete without taking a plunge in the panoramic view of the deep blue ocean. Snorkeling is the main attraction to witness marine beauty.

Great Barrier Reef deep blue ocean
Day 5 : Queensland – Adventure to its hilt
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Queensland – Adventure to its hilt

Queensland has a plethora of destinations for couples deeply in love. It has rainforests and the Gold coast. It is a magical winter honeymoon destination with romance flowing in the weather. Enjoy romantic dinners and boat ride with your spouse.

boat ride
Day 6 : Kangaroo Island – Encounter Kangaroos
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Kangaroo Island – Encounter Kangaroos

It is romantic for a couple to unwind with the wildlife around them by going to Kangaroo Island through ferry ride. Watching kangaroos, rejuvenating spa, beach walk, sunset food, and wine are all key attractions of this spectacular place.

Kangaroo Island rejuvenating spa beach walk sunset food
Day 7 : The Whitsundays at Queensland – Paradise for the Beach Buffs
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The Whitsundays at Queensland – Paradise for the Beach Buffs

It is a perfect escape for the honeymooners who love sandy beaches and candlelit dinners under the moonlight. The sunset and the blue waters will make the vacation perfect for the couple deeply in love. It is a less crowded place which offers more intimate pleasures.

Scuba diving, snorkeling, and fishing are prime water activities that will engross your day. Island resorts and beach hotels are most sought after staying options.

Scuba diving snorkeling and fishing
Day 8 : Melbourne – spellbound Glinting Skyline
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Melbourne – spellbound Glinting Skyline

It is a popular honeymoon destination with wonderful dining restaurants and spectacular old buildings. Honeymooners enchant each other with great food and irresistible sightseeing. Movie screenings under the sky, exuberant shopping, and private wine tasting tour are all it makes for a memorable honeymoon.

Day 9 : Kimberley – Nature’s Mystique
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Kimberley – Nature’s Mystique

Kimberley plateau offers wonderful landscapes to take your breath away. It is a unique honeymoon destination where a glimpse of wildlife, majestic canyons and waterfalls are key attractions. Cruise expeditions in Kimberley coastlines are a must for the adventure lover. The food is awesome at cafes and restaurants.

Day 10 : Uluru – For the Golden Sunsets
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Uluru – For the Golden Sunsets

It’s a World Heritage Site and a romantic golden sunset site. It has an ochre-hued landscape to make it the best honeymoon destination in Australia. The wildlife like the red kangaroo, Australian bustard, and black-footed rock-wallaby are spotted easily there. There is privacy while enjoying the scenic panorama. Camping and hot air ballooning are major attractions.


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