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3 Night 4 Day Northeast Honeymoon Tour

Enjoy a lovely trip with this 3 Night 4 Day northeast honeymoon tour that will take you through two states: Assam and Meghalaya. Explore the ethereal beauty of honeymoon destinations in the Northeast by visiting amazing expanses of Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya and the iconic Kaziranga National Park in Assam. A visit to these places with your soulmate will be a trip to treasure for life.

Your honeymoon trip to the northeast begins with the arrival in Shillong and takes you through its wonderful attractions. You will visit places of interest such as the peaceful Lake Umiam, the interesting Don Bosco Museum, the wonderful elephant waterfalls, and the picturesque Lady Hydari Park. After enjoying two happy days in Meghalaya with your honeymoon package in Shillong, you will move to the famous Kaziranga National Park in Assam. The National Park is the home of a famous one-horned rhinoceros, one of the wildlife pets of India. Experience nature in its natural form by enjoying a jeep safari at night and make a map of the extensions of this National Park.

Your honeymoon package northeast also takes you to an elephant safari in the morning through the Kaziranga National Park. While riding these gentle giants, observe closely the tall elephant grass, the interiors of thick jungles and wildlife. Therefore, if you expect to start the new phase of your life in a unique way, visit these destinations. You can easily choose from a large number of tour packages from Northeast Kolkata, Mumbai and Bangalore. In addition, these honeymoon packages are combined with comfortable accommodations, delicious culinary dishes, quick transfers, and incredible tourist experiences.



Day 1 : Shillong: Arrival and a soothing day
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Shillong: Arrival and a soothing day

Your arrival at Guwahati Airport (Assam) is marked by the greetings of an agency representative who will accompany you to your hotel in Shillong (Meghalaya). On the way, recharge your honeymoon trip to the northeast with a visit to Lake Umiam. Take a look at the charisma of this lake -

Lake Umiam: Lake Umiam is a beautiful reservoir of artificial water in Shillong. This lake is correctly called Barapani as it flows through an area of 10 square kilometres. Tied by extensive meadows and lush hills, the lake is a painting that breathes.

After enjoying a moment of relaxation on the lake, head to Shillong. Complete the check-in procedures at the hotel clean the fatigue of the trip and sleep peacefully at the hotel.

Day 2 : Shillong: enjoy a beautiful day of sightseeing
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Shillong: enjoy a beautiful day of sightseeing

The cool breeze of the mountain will wake you up and the abundant breakfast will give you an energetic start to your day. Now, get ready to explore some of the best tourist sites in the Northeast, hidden in Shillong. You will visit these places today -

Don Bosco Museum: The Don Bosco Museum is the largest cultural museum in Asia and part of the DBCIC - Don Bosco Museum of Indigenous Cultures. This seven-story building with 17 standard international galleries offers you a glimpse of the entire Northeast of India. The items shown here include paintings, artefacts and fibreglass figures.

Lady Hydari Park: this is a lush green area, picturesque and well maintained, dotted with gardens with flowers, a water fountain and a modest zoo. It was baptized with the name of Lady Hydari, wife of the Governor of Assam.

Elephant Falls: these waterfalls are named so that an elephant-shaped rock leans adjacent. Originally called Kshaid Lai Patong Khohsiew, Elephant Waterfalls is an excellent weekend getaway and picnic spot in Shillong.

Don Bosco Museum Lady Hydari Park Elephant Falls
Day 3 : Kaziranga: Off to Kaziranga National Park
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Kaziranga: Off to Kaziranga National Park

Start the day with a nutritious breakfast and departure from the hotel. Now, you will be transferred to Kaziranga (Assam) for an exciting honeymoon vacation trip in Northeast. Upon arrival in Kaziranga, check into your hotel and refresh before heading to the famous Kaziranga National Park. Take a look at this national park here.

Kaziranga National Park: spread over 430 square kilometres, this park is home to two-thirds of the world's one-horned rhinoceros in danger of extinction. It was declared a forest reserve in 1908, a World Heritage Site in 1985 and a reserve of tigers in 2006. Water buffaloes, swamp deer and large elephant breeders also reside here.

Afternoon Jeep Safari: Your visit to this park is crowned by a jeep safari at night, which is an excellent way to explore the charm of this sanctuary. You are greeted by the tall elephant grass, the shallow pools and the thick jungles that help you experience the rawness of nature.

In fact, Kaziranga is a prominent honeymoon destination in the Northeast that will impart a distinctive colour to your convivial journey. Later, I return to the hotel for a peaceful sleep.

Kaziranga National Park
Day 4 : Kaziranga: indulge in an elephant safari before leaving
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Kaziranga: indulge in an elephant safari before leaving

Greet early in the morning and get ready for an enthusiastic elephant safari that starts from the western ridge. This continuous trip continues for almost an hour through which you can explore the wildlife in the Kaziranga National Park. Observe other animals closely such as the herds of Indian elephants and the one-horned rhinoceros. The safari takes you through Baguri, Mihimukh, Hole Path, Kohora Central Path and Arimarah.

After this pleasant walk, return to the hotel and recharge your energy with a healthy breakfast. Now, check out of the hotel, as you will be transferred to the Guwahati airport to take your flight back home with beautiful memories and a reinforced link.

Kaziranga National Park

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