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New Zealand Tour Package 

New Zealand is always the best tourist spot to enjoy the holiday or vacation with family members, friends, relatives, neighbors, and loved ones. The biggest plus about New Zealand is it is easy to access from anywhere in the globe. With the help of the New Zealand tour packages, you can visit the major attractions in New Zealand at an affordable cost. The registration process to book the New Zealand tour packages all-inclusive is very simple and takes only minutes to complete. Customized tour plans will help you to explore all the attractions in New Zealand.

How to reach New Zealand from India?

With Flight services, you can reach New Zealand from India. No matter whether you are living in Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Bangalore, Delhi, and Kerala or anywhere in India, you can reach the destination at the cheapest cost. New Zealand vacation tour packages help you to get the major airline's services to reach New Zealand in the safest way. New Zealand Travel packages are available in different price plans, so you can choose based on your needs. If you need to enjoy more days using the New Zealand tour packages, then you can choose the plan that covers longer days for the trip. New Zealand holiday tour packages are customizable, so surely you will get the best deals during the trip.

Popular Packages available

  • Summer Package in New Zealand 2020 - This is one of the best New Zealand trip packages, and you will be able to enjoy 11 Nights and 12 Days using this New Zealand tour package from India.
  • Honeymoon In New Zealand - This New Zealand tour package from Delhi allows you to enjoy with your lovely couple in New Zealand for around 14 Nights and 15 Days.
  • Amazing New Zealand with Australia trip - This Australia with New Zealand vacation packages helps you to stay for a period of 21 days in New Zealand and Australia. New Zealand tour packages with a trip to Australia give you a complete option to explore two island countries.
  • Naturally New-Zealand (A trip from Christchurch) 2020 - 10 Nights and 11 Days fun is waiting for the person who chooses these New Zealand packages. New Zealand tour itinerary for this package and support services will blow your mind.

Places you see with the New Zealand tour packages

After you choose your favorite New Zealand tour packages with the cheap price plan, you will be taken to the different places in New Zealand to explore the fun and adventure.

The Bay of Islands

One of the best places you visit after choosing the New Zealand tour packages is the Bay of Islands. This island is a spot where you can see the yachts and sailboats. New Zealand vacation packages make you a traveler, and you will start to explore the 144 island that is available around the Bay of Islands.

Tongariro National Park

Choosing the best New Zealand vacation packages for your vacation trip will help you to explore the oldest National park in New Zealand. Because of the stunning lakes, hot springs, and volcanoes available around this location, you can choose the tour packages for New Zealand to flight from India to view the beauty of the places. Don't fail to take the photographs in front of the stunning scenery during your visit to Newland using the New Zealand tour packages.


New Zealand tour packages give you the best option to view the great tourist destination in New Zealand. Cab services, lunch, dinner, breakfast are all-inclusive in the plan, so you can have a healthy trip all-day. On this location, you will be able to see the boiling mud pools, volcanic craters, and thermal springs. The amazing view will blow your mind during your journey with New Zealand tour packages with airfare.

Hawke’s Bay

New Zealand tourism takes you to the Hawker’s Bay where you can eat gourmet food. Making a visit to the Spanish style buildings is also included in the New Zealand tour packages, so you can spend your lovely time with your couple or friends or family members here. The unique recipes along with the regular dishes make you go mouth-watering.


During your visit to New Zealand with the New Zealand tour packages, you can see the Eden Park Cricket Stadium in Auckland from outside. If possible, you can watch cricket by paying the additional charges for the Match. Also, New Zealand tour packages help you to enjoy more adventure activities like trekking, boat riding, and more in Auckland.

Things to do in New Zealand

There are so many happy moments you can cherish in New Zealand after choosing your favorite package from the list of New Zealand tour packages available.

Taste the finest wines

Waiheke Island is a popular destination, and you can reach this island using the New Zealand tour packages. The beaches around this island are great to visit. Also, the wines produced here will have a great taste, so do not fail to taste on your visit to New Zealand.

Relax with own Spa

After choosing the best package from the list of New Zealand tour packages, you can spend time on the hot water beach. This is one of the major attractions in New Zealand, and Indians love to relax in this location. You can dig your own hot water pool on this island to start relaxing in the most peaceful environment. With the help of New Zealand tour packages, bring your families, friends, relatives, and soul-mate here to enjoy a complete day.

Go for a rock sliding

Tourists who use the Customizable New Zealand tour packages love to do the rock slide. After a video went viral in social media, this spot becomes the major attraction for many tourists across the globe. You will be able to do the adventurous sports activities like rock sliding, lilos, bodyboards, and more here.

Observe the Maori Culture

Using the New Zealand tour packages, you will be able to understand the indigenous Maori culture getting followed in New Zealand. You will be able to go to the Maori Village to spend your precious time with the people living in the village. This visit to the village will make you start to respect the people living there for years.

FAQ for New Zealand holiday package

New Zealand, the most beautiful and one of the sovereign island nations in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, is made of North Island and South Island with around 600 smaller islands – making it a perfect island paradise to travel. From Wellington to Auckland and from Christchurch to Queensland and Hamilton, each and every destination has a charisma of its own to keep you busy. Before choosing the right New Zealand holiday packages, it is better to go through the tour itinerary and our FAQ section that will help you to get the right solutions for your query (if any). Unlock Holidays shares some of the questions and their answers to solve your queries and increase your interest in enjoying your tours.

Q: - Is It Costlier to Explore New Zealand or Celebration Holidays in NZ?

A: - It depends on the number of days you want to spend, the type of holidays and facilities that you want to get. Overall, holiday packages for New Zealand can be a little expensive – mainly when you explore the main cities of Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch. If you stay in the hotel, it can be costlier; while staying in an apartment can reduce the cost to some level. The way of commuting and other leisure activities may make a difference in your overall expenses.

Q: Why Should I Plan for Holidays in New Zealand?

A: - One of the cleanest nations in the world, New Zealand is also an island paradise that has everything for tourists from all walks of life. You can enjoy the serenity, natural beauty view, adventure holidays, hiking, water sports, cultural tours, honeymoon tours or even the most amazing nightlife that you will hardly find anywhere else. Diverse scenery and an amazing view of the island paradise will keep you busy for more time.

Q: Is North Island More Beautiful that South Island of New Zealand

A: - There is no denying the fact that both islands have beaches, but North Island has more than what you have expected from Southern Part. South Island is larger and more beautiful. North Island is warmer and most of the regions are subtropical.

Q: How to Commute in NZ or Which Is the Best Way to Travel around New Zealand?

Q: - There are different options to travel around New Zealand that will make you feel local. You can buy a car, if you are there for some more months. Rent a car is another option to travel independently. You can get a campervan or rent a campervan. National Coach and bus tours are also available. Train facilities are available too.

Q: - How Many Days Do You Need to Spend in New Zealand?

A: - Planning a tour for 4-5 days through a New Zealand holiday trip package is not enough to explore the real charm of New Zealand. You need at least 10-12 days to explore the hidden charm and real pleasure of your tour in NZ. North Island and South Island of New Zealand are blessed with amazing beauty that always attracts tourists and persuades them to spend more days here.

Q: - What Is New Zealand Famous For?

A: - Describing the answer to this question may spoil your tour pleasure. But it is important. New Zealand is an island paradise famous for its natural beauty, vibrant cities, indigenous Maori Culture and picturesque landscape as well as for its National Rugby Team. It is also famous for amazing adventure sports activities and the real pleasure of tourism that you can enjoy in every way possible.

Q: - What Is the Most Beautiful Place in New Zealand to Explore and Enjoy Holidays?

A: - It can be a complicated answer as each and every destination has its importance. However, there is no single place – the most beautiful one in NZ. Here are the names of most beautiful places to explore in New Zealand like Waitakere Beaches, Golden Bay, Abel Tasman Coast Track, Tongariro National Park, The Waikato River, Franz Josef Ranges, Punakaiki Coast, and Napier.

Q: - What Is the Best Time to Plan a Trip to New Zealand?

A: - You can book New Zealand holiday packages for any month of the year as weather conditions are pleasant. Summer months are from December to February; while March to May in the autumn and June to August are the winter months. September to November is the spring months.

Q: - What Is Famous Food in New Zealand?

A: - New Zealand is not only famous for its beauty, but also for the food – served as fresh, warm and in a hygienic way. Cray Fish or lobster, Hockey Pokey Ice Cream, Kina, Kiwi Burger, Jaffas, Pavlova, Hangi, etc are to name a few of some of the favorite dishes of people in New Zealand that you can try. You can also find Indian restaurants there to enjoy delicious food.

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Auckland (3D) Queenstown (4D)

Duration : 7 Day/6 Night

6 Nights and 7 Days New Zealand tour package itinerary.

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Auckland Rotorua Christchurch Te Anau

Duration : 8 Day/7 Night

Customizable 7 Nights & 8 Days New Zealand tour itinera..

₹ 109,000 ₹ 105,000 tour price PP