Travel tips to enjoy a safe trip to Thailand

Tourist boats cruising Phang Nga Bay off Phuket Thailand

Destination of beautiful beaches, watersports, luxury resorts, half moon parties, and lip-smacking food; Thailand is the perfect place for adventure seekers and nightlife fun. You just need to remember “what to carry” and “what to do” on your Thailand trip. Once you are done with all your preparations for Thailand Travel Tips, you are ready to leave for a hassle-free trip to Thailand.

thailand Tips

Read the following travel tips which include packing, documents, safety, shopping, social behavior and everything related to Thailand Trip:

Packing tips

  • Pack your scarves and stoles for covering your head while visiting temples.
  • If you are on prescriptions then don’t forget to take your medicines.
  • Sunscreen and beach hat is mandatory as they will be needed when visiting beaches and enjoying watersports in Thailand.
  • Some more useful things to carry are Trekking Shoes, torchlight, and power bank

What you need to carry

  • You need 5000 Baht per head at least for visa and local expenses in Thailand.
  • Always keep a blank page in your passport and it should be valid for coming six months
  • Use International Debit/Credit Card. Some charges may deduct from the bank side.
  • Activate International Roaming on your Sim Card or purchase a local sim card sold in Bangkok and Phuket airports.
  • You need to travel with 4 or five passport size photographs for Visa and other formalities.
  • Always keep a scanned and hard copy of your travel documents.
  • Always carry 200 – 500 Baht per person for local touring.

Tips on arrival

  • Don’t make late for private cab transfers or to board the flight.
  • Verify your vouchers provided by Unlock Holidays (If you have booked tour package from Unlock Holidays)
  • If you are on your honeymoon in Krabi, don’t forget to tell your hotel staff. They will offer you their best and special services such as candlelit dinner pass for an event or room decoration. Services may differ from hotel to hotel.

Safety tips

  • Keep the important contact numbers in a diary in case you lost the phone.
  • Avoid going to isolated beaches if you are traveling alone because of high chances of getting mugged.
  • No doubt that nightlife is electrifying in Phuket, Krabi, and Bangkok. But on the safety side, you don’t need to drink heavily, avoid dull-lit areas, and never leave your drink unattended.
  • Keep your cash in different pockets of your clothes and your sling bag.
  • Register yourself in your country’s embassy before leaving for Thailand or another country.
  • If you need a car and you are renting it in exchange for money and passport then try to offer some other ID instead of your passport.

What to speak?

  • First of all, don’t talk something wrong about the King because the locals love their king and they are very sensitive when they hear a word about their King. So respect the King and don’t talk too much about him.
  • Wai is Thai form of Prayer Position of holding both hands and bowing. Whenever someone greets you with Wai then reply him with the same respect.
  • Never touch them on your head or touch them with your feet. According to Thai culture, it is very disrespectful.
  • Never try to touch a monk especially when you are women. It’s something against their spiritual thoughts.
  • Whenever you hear them playing national anthem then stop for a while to show some respect.

What to Eat

  • Avoid International Cuisines when you are on a budget and the best thing is that local food is tastier than the other International options.
  • Vegetarians must tell the restaurant before placing the order
  • Always ask about ingredients used when you are giving a new trial to your hunger pang.
  • Eating with a fork is some kind of mandatory in Thailand
  • Choose the vendors who prepare a fresh meal in front of you. This can help you avoid stale and old food.

Shopping tips

  • Learn little of that to negotiate the shopkeepers of Thailand. If you are a shopaholic, this advice will definitely work for you.
  • As usual, try to bargain with different vendors for the same product. This may increase the chance to get that thing at cheaper rates.
  • Always carry a little cash in your pocket as credit or debit cards not be accepted everywhere

Some Nightlife Tips

  • There are beachside parties, discos, cabaret shows, night cruises, and full moon parties in Thailand to electrify your nightlife.
  • Get in contact with your staff to follow the dress code because most prestigious clubs don’t allow the casual getups like Bermudas, flip-flops and all.
  • Don’t get yourself into drugs.
  • IF you are going to enjoy a beachside party, always wear shoes.

Transportation Tips

  • Prefer bus over train when traveling to short distances.
  • Stay alert when buying bust tickets on Khao Sarn Road in Bangkok as the area is popular for pick-pockets.
  • Be an Indian and always ask for the price first when being on Tuk-Tuk (Auto-Rickshaw)
  • Always click a picture of your vehicle when renting

Useful Thai Phrases

  • Hello: Swasdi
  • Yes: Chai
  • No: Mai Chai
  • Thank You: Khob Khun
  • I can’t speak Thai: Pood Thai Mai dai
  • How much?: Nee tao rai
  • I don’t understand: Mai kow jai
  • Airport: Sanaam bin

Follow these travel tips and your Thailand tour will be entertaining and unforgettable. The travel tips start before boarding your flight to the return back home. You can follow these tips after booking Thailand tour package with your friends, loved ones or with your family.


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