Top 5 Must Visit Historical Places in Jammu & Kashmir

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Jammu & Kashmir’s geography is enriched with a number of historical places located from the back 2900 BC when Raja Jambulochan was ruling the place. The place is proudly mentioned several times in the epics like Mahabharata. Later the place was found to be the parts of Harappan Civilization as evidence of the Maurya and Gupta period have also been found here. Jammu Kashmir has been ruled by several dynasties like Hephthalites, Timur, Mughals, and Sikhs and hence it has lots of historical places to offer to the tourists visit here.

Let’s take all the history lovers and explorers to the famous historical places in Jammu and Kashmir.

Leh Palace, Jammu

One must not miss witnessing the sunrise and sunset of this place as they offer beautiful and captivating scenes. It will be more interesting if you visit the place during the Galdan Namchot festival as the town looks so bright with beautiful lighting.

Bahu Fort, Jammu

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Jammu city is renowned as the Gateway to Heaven and the picture-perfect beauty of the Bahu Fort surely adds attractive charm to it. Only 5 km far from the central city, the Bahu fort is the popular historical place in Jammu and Kashmir which looks wonderful and proud on the left bank of the Tawi River.

Raja Bahucholan was the man who built this great fort 3000 years ago, proving it one of the oldest monuments existing in the world. The Dogra rulers added some different charm to its beauty by making renovations to the fort and extending its reach.

Dha Hanu, Ladakh

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Also known as Dah, Dha Hanu in Ladhakh are amongst those villages that are home to the Drokpa tribe of Leh. The Drokpa people are culturally, racially, and linguistically different from the rest of the tribes living in Leh and are said to be the only original descendants Aryans (Indo European) living there.

Dah Hanu Villages are the best places to explore cultural diversity and richness. The Drokpa tribes are popular for wearing distinctively beautiful ornaments and headgears. These villages are also the best treat for photography enthusiasts as they can capture people wearing amazing traditional dresses here.

Stok Palace, Leh Ladakh

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Around 15 km far from Leh, Stok Palace in Stok Village is the only place where the Royal family of Ladakh and its descendants of King Sengge Namgyal lives. The Palace was established in the year of 1820 by King Tsepal Namgyal and is known as the memoir of rich history and the reserve of things related to the royal family and its descendants.

It is located by the river valley of Singey Tsangpo, which is well known with the name Indus River. This palace reserves the traditional and contemporary architectural styles of the old kingdoms.

Dras War Memorial, Dras Village, Kargil

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Located in Dras Village, this war memorial is carved with pink sandstone and it is a memoir of sacrificed lives of our soldiers during the Kargil war. The war was held between 8th May to 5th July 1999 and hundreds of our soldiers martyred during this time. There is a gallery placed with the name of “Manoj Pandey Gallery” keeping the photographs of soldiers and weapons of that miserable time.

Weapons and artillery guns used during that time are also placed there. It would be a gesture of respect and moments of proud when you will be visiting the place overwhelmed with patriotism.

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