Best 6 Places To Visit In Haldwani, The Hidden Gem Of Uttarakhand

Visit In Haldwani

Uttarakhand which is a place of natural beauty and calm spirituality, attracts lots of tourist from worldwide to offer scenic beauty of Himalayas. It is the gateway to charming place Kumaon, although it has been a stop point always during your journey to Uttrakhand. But this beautiful stop point has lots of things to offer to tourist. So, this vacation plan to visit in Haldwani and spend some time over there

Some awesome spots to visit in Haldwani

1. JeolikotThe traveler who is planning to spend some time in calmness can opt for travelling to Jeolikot. A destination 23 Km away from Haldwani, on the way to Nanital. They say saints like Swami Vivekananda used to do his meditation there. You can stay in the awesome cottages build in the era of Victoria at very genuine rates


2. Shitla Devi TempleThere is a very famous Devi temple near to Haldwani in Uttrakhand. Goddess of all diseases, pustules and sore, one who is a worshiper will get relieve from all sores and diseases. Travelerhas to climb a small a hill to reach there. Entry fee is zero, and there are lots of monkeys so be aware of them, before they snatch your stuff. You will be amazed by watching the beautiful sunset at evening, but it’s not recommendable to stay there after dark.



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3. Hidimba ParvatA traveler who has a zeal for tracking, can opt for travelling to HidimbaParvat. You have to track for 5 Km, there is temple dedicated to wife of Bhima. It is advised if you are suffering through respiratory issues or heart disease, then you should avoid traveling to HidimbaParvat. Also, there are lots of monkeys, so you should be aware of them, as they may try to snatch your food or carry bags.


4. Kainchi DhamA dham dedicated to Neem KaroliBabaji, who inspired lots of celebrities and directed them to Bhakti Yoga. Celebrities like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs visited this place for peace of mind.This Place is almost 44 km away from the city center, and one who is interested in meditation and peace must visit Kainchi Dham.

5. Hanuman Garhi TempleHanuman Garhi TempleA place situated on the way to Nanital, 40 Km far from Haldwani. You have to climb a small hill to reach at Hanuman Garhi Temple. Experience enjoy the beauty and fresh air over there.

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6. NaukuchiatalNaukuchiatalThis is the most beautiful place to visit near Haldwani, situated around 33 Km away from the town among the hills. It is a very beautiful tourist destination to visit, this lake is almost at the height of 4000 feet from the sea level. You can plan to visit Hanuman Garhi Temple and Naukuchiatal on the same day.


So, this time while going to visit best places in Uttarakhand do not only pass over this beautiful destination, stay and spend some days in Haldwani with your family and friends.


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