Andaman and Nicobar Island, 6 Best Islands in Andaman and Nicobar

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Andaman & Nicobar Island range, sprinkled across the Bay of Bengal, is about 600 km from the mainland – counted as the peaks of submerged mountain ranges that runs from Myanmar to Indonesia, but in the governance of Republic of India. The beautiful island range is blessed with natural beauty and greenery. However, all islands are not open for tourists or special permit is required to go there. In simple words, there are different parts of Andaman off limits – mainly to keep rare bio-diversity preserved and protect tribes (6 indigenous tribes) that are still living in the old and ancient way without clothing and facilities that human beings are enjoying. Some of the most popular islands to explore in Andaman & Nicobar include:

Top Six Islands in Andaman and Nicobar That You Cannot Miss to Explore

The rich archipelago of islands is full of wonders and the numbers are increasing more than 572. All are not open or tourists are not allowed to go there. Some of them are the most charming and famous for their greenery, coral reefs, deep sea diving, crystal clear water and sea food options.

The Havelock Island

The Havelock Island-andaman-tour-packages

If you are on your Andaman Nicobar tours and missing the name of Havelock Island in your tour package, you have missed the real pleasure of your tour. Havelock Island is famous for its archipelago – standing out amongst the most beautiful islands in the Andaman. It is a paradise for honeymooners to spend time at white sandy shorelines, rich coral reefs and lavish green jungles.

Its gesturing shorelines, twinkling blue-green shallows make it a paradise for nature and shoreline lovers. It is Ideal Island for scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming. It is just 40 km from the capital city of Port Blair.

Neil Island


Of course the pride of islands in Andaman & Nicobar, Neil Island is a paradise for those, who wish to spend time with natural and pure marine life. It abides with green surroundings of paddy fields, banana manors and tropical trees; while the stunning perspective of the ocean and craving greeneries in the island are sure to revive you and increase your excitement to explore it again. It is the best place to lose amid natural beauty at its beaches. You will stay busy in enjoying a number of activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, glass bottom boat ride and to explore rich marine life. The beautiful island is located at Ritchie’s Archipelago in the Andaman & Nicobar Island.

Ross Island

Ross Island andaman-tour-packages

For tourists, who wish to spend time in the most serene environment – away from the reach of tourists, Ross Island is the perfect place to explore in Andaman & Nicobar. It got its name from marine surveyor of British Government, Sir Daniel Ross. It is the best place to discover historical ruins of island like Church, Hospital, Bakery, Press, Swimming pools, Troop Barracks, Ballroom and Govt house. You will also see rich archipelago and a variety of birds and animals here. Sit at any serene place and you will see distant sea for hours. It is at the distance of 2 km from Port Blair.

Jolly Buoy Island

Jolly Buoy Island andaman

The list of top islands in Andaman & Nicobar is counted as incomplete without adding name of Jolly Buoy Island. Here, you will see dry tree trunks – scattered on the white sandy shorelines – long enough to walk. It is famous for submerged orals and clear beach. It is a paradise for snorkeling and scuba diving lovers. Not to mention mangrove swamps, rain forests, unblemished white sandy shorelines, coral reefs and natural beauty – luring a good number of tourists from across the world and persuading them to spend more days. You can reach by boats from mainland. One of the plus points about this island in Andaman & Nicobar is that it is no-plastic zone. It is at the distance of 30 km southwest of Port Blair

North Bay Island

North Bay Island andaman

From a distance, you will feel as if you are in Thailand or reaching Hollywood City. North Bay Island is famous for its coral reefs and as a place to see fish, lobster and shellfishes on the coral reefs. It is a paradise for honeymooners and nature lovers, where coral reefs are luring tourists – perfectly finished by nature to stagger you. It is one of the best islands in Andaman & Nicobar to enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving and sea walking. It is located near Phoenix Jetty in Port Blair.

Ross and Smith Island

Ross and Smith Island andaman

The twin islands in Andaman are connected to each other to make a single island – offering you the best sights of the surroundings and luring a good number of tourists to explore natural beauty and hidden charm of nature. They are well-connected by a sandbar – making it look remarkable. It is one of the best islands to capture some of the most beautiful photographs during your Andaman & Nicobar island tours. It is famous for Olive Ridley Turtles. You can enjoy different water sports and activities like snorkeling, swimming and different other fun activities. The island paradise is located at Diglipur – the remotest island of Andaman & Nicobar.

Cinque Island, Baratang Island, Red Skin Island, Barren Island, etc are some of the most picturesque islands – paradise for honeymooners and adventure tour lovers, who wish to enjoy deep sea fun.

In order to enjoy wonderful holidays in Andaman & Nicobar, it is better to choose the right tour package and plan a trip in the wonderful way. You can book affordable Andaman & Nicobar Tour packages that are cheapest and offered with air tickets.

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